Dandong tianhe paper products co., ltd. was established in October 2000,which produce dry paper, water absorbent paper and dry paper expand consumer goods mainly.  "Rich road" series of health insoles, "kang teacher" kitchen paper, "xinyuan" series of hotel supplies for its own brand, with dry paper as the base material, using a variety of technical means and a lot of patented technologies, greatly expanded the other application fields of dry paper.

At the same time, Dandong tianhe paper products co. is also the base for the technology research, equipment improvement and project experiment of the airflow network equipment and its supporting equipment for dandong fengyun machinery factory. The innovation of each technology of fengyun machinery factory needs to be fully verified, used by the Dandong tianhe paper products co., then it will be implemented and applied.

        The company adheres to the principle of "science and technology is the first productive force", "development in innovation", already had more than 50 patents in all kinds of products. The company focus on the development of dry paper production lines, mechanical manufacturing and product optimization, with the business philosophy of "the customer's need is our final goal", try to serve best for every customer.