TH050 convenient insole

TH050 convenient insole

Name: convenient insole


brand: Facailu

packaging form: five pairs

size: 36-48yard

colour: white and green

product features: The materials is pulpdirectly cut  into insole, think


Product features

"FACAILU" series of insole are made from wood pulp and short composite fiber. The cotton layer is approximately 300g/m2 in a rotary air flow way, which is directly cut through 200 pairs /min speed at 150 degree high temperature and hot pressing. The product has the characteristics of high gram weight, strong absorbability, good air permeability, dry and wet state of pulling force foot and so on.

Product performance

Lightweight pad: lightweight ultra-thin design, exquisite bump pressure point, not only make the foot comfortable, but Juegan is not squeezed;

Advanced technology: the insole of the wood pulp can be soaked at will and scrubbed again and again. 

Avoid embarrassment: the cotton layer 300g/m2 are full of sweat absorbent, bee nest structure surface uneven pressure point formation, below to set aside enough space to circulate the air space, to keep the foot dry and comfortable, reduce the odor, sweaty feet no longer embarrassed. 

Health care: surface uniform concave and convex points, on the one hand, increase the plantar friction feeling, reduce the vibration force when feet fall, protect the plantar and increase springback, the other side has sufficient massage feeling to the sole, and promote blood circulation.

Convenient sanitation: the pad, which is cut directly, does not cut off the edge, does not deform, and can be tailored according to the shape of the shoe. 

Shoes partner: super absorbent, shoe pad design ultra-thin, avoid the sweaty feet and stinky feet caused by shoes Fanjian, deformation, to prolong the service life of the shoes.